Shakespeare off the Page


Shakespeare off the Page Workshop 2017 Title
Shakespeare Off the Page: Discovering Richard II
a combination geek session/book club/behind-the scenes look

I mean, of COURSE the best way to experience Shakespeare is seeing a live performance, but that’s not always an easy possibility. And reading Shakespeare brings back your nightmares of that one nun/former field hockey coach who taught Freshman English.

But digging into these plays and treating them like the playscripts they are can be a lot of grown-up fun once you unlock some of the tricky bits in a casual, snack’n’chat, no-test-on-the-reading setting. So resident Kentucky Shakespeare actor/dramaturg (pronounced: professional nerd) Gregory Maupin will lead a group through four sessions that will help you get the most out of reading Shakespeare on your own, before a show, or with a group of other weirdos who enjoy this kind of thing, too.

(This is primarily a series aimed at normal, decent people, but actors are not unwelcome.)

Tuesdays, May 9, 16, 23
Old Louisville Visitors’ Center, Central Park

Field Trip to see Kentucky Shakespeare’s RICHARD II
Friday, June 16
Brief preshow talk at 7:00pm
Meetup/chatter after the show at nearby tavern/restaurant TBD

Registration: $60
Call 502.574.9900 or e-mail