Stratford Society Travel

There’s no better way to  truly experience Shakespeare and his world than to travel to the locales that have been the inspiration for so many of his amazing works.

As a Stratford Society member, you can experience this first-hand by joining us on our unique travel excursions.

Stratford Society members serve as key community ambassadors for Kentucky Shakespeare. With your support of Kentucky Shakespeare, you will not only enjoy these amazing theatre and arts-themed travel opportunities, you will also have access to exclusive rehearsal previews, premieres, receptions, special events and more.

In October 2014 Stratford Society members will join Producing Artistic Director Matt Wallace in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England for an exclusive travel experience.

For our future travel opportunities and to learn more about becoming a Stratford Society member, please contact Matt Wallace at 502-574-9900.


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