2018 Adult Workshops

Louisville Improvisors: Finding the Connection

Louisville Improvisors: Finding the Connection

The award-winning Louisville Improvisors present a 6-week workshop this fall for adult actors and non-actors alike.

It’s not about you, it’s not about me, it’s about us. It’s about the relationship! Through games, exercises and scenework, we can learn how to get the most out of our improv relationships.

During this 6-week course students will learn the fundamentals of improv comedy, including “yes and,” creating characters, relationships and developing their spacework. Building on the fundamentals, students will begin to remove their improv training wheels while exploring ways to strengthen their scenes including finding games and developing deeper characters and relationships. Students will also begin to explore various longforms including finding games, editing and group scenes. They will also learn how to listen to each other, build on ideas and work together as a team. But most of all, they will learn how to have FUN. The Louisville Improvisors believe that improv is not just for improvisers.

Alec Volz, instructor. Read Alec’s bio ›

Chris Anger, instructor. Read Chris’s bio ›

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  • Schedule: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00: Oct 9 - Nov 13
  • Price: $150 for a 6-week session
Shakespeare Off the Page

Shakespeare Off the Page

The nerdy-coolest book club / geek session in town invites participants to step into the world of Shakespeare’s texts.

This October we’re taking advantage of the time before summer to look at a dark & tricky play we might not see on Kentucky Shakespeare’s stage in the near future. Coriolanus is the tale of a fierce and successful and possibly entirely fictional Roman general who loses the favor of the masses when he veers into politics, prompting a bloody plot to destroy the city (and thereby, ancient civilization). While there’s plenty of contemporary resonance, the conversations won’t be all politics – there’s plenty to chew on regarding gender, pride, leadership by personality, the power of performance, the untrustworthiness of language, and some seriously creepy mommy issues.

Now, of COURSE the best way to experience Shakespeare is seeing a live performance, but that’s not always an easy possibility. And for some reading Shakespeare brings back nightmares of that one nun/former field hockey coach who taught Freshman English.

But digging into these plays and treating them like the playscripts they are can be a lot of grown-up fun once you unlock some of the tricky bits in a casual, snack’n’chat, no-test-on-the-reading setting. So resident Kentucky Shakespeare actor/dramaturg (pronounced: professional nerd) Gregory Maupin will lead a group through three sessions that will help you get the most out of reading Shakespeare on your own, before a show, or with a group of other weirdos who enjoy this kind of thing, too*. The final session will include the viewing of a film version of Coriolanus.

*This is primarily a series aimed at normal, decent people, but actors are not unwelcome.

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  • Schedule: Saturdays, October 13, 20, 27, 1:00 – 4:00
  • Price: $60
Stage Combat, Elizabethan Style

Stage Combat, Elizabethan Style

Partnership with the Frazier History Museum, with Eric Frantz as the instructor.  Read Bio.

Stay tuned for more information about fall classes!

  • Duration: 4 hour sessions
  • Price: $40/session + equipment fee

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For questions about Adult Workshops, please contact Amy Attaway, Associate Artistic Director, at 502-574-9900 or by email.