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Through the support of our corporate, foundation, and individual sponsors, we can continue to achieve our mission of bringing arts and arts education to people of all ages.

"So shines a good deed in a naughty world."

Thank you to our individual donors!

Stratford Society Long-time Kentucky Shakespeare board member, Gordon Strauss, founded the Stratford Society in 2007, naming it after Stratford-Upon-Avon – the market town and civil parish in South Warwickshire, England, where William Shakespeare was born. The Stratford Society is open to supporters who donate a gift of at least $1,564, in honor of the year Shakespeare was born. Stratford Society members serve as key community ambassadors for Kentucky Shakespeare. As a member, you will enjoy exclusive rehearsal previews, premieres, receptions, special events plus opportunities for exclusive theatre and theatre-themed travel.  You may join by filling out a membership form at the Merchandise table, donating online at www.kyshakespeare.com, or calling us at 502.574.9900

Stratford Royalty

Charlie and Jenny Marsh

Don Stevens and Libby Marbury

Mac and Jessica Thompson

Stratford Nobility

Max G. Baumgardner

Christina Lee Brown

Thomas T. Noland, Jr. and Vivian Ruth Sawyer

Drs. Gordon Strauss and Catherine Newton

Kerry and Kathleen Wang


Phillip and Teri Allen

Joe and Anne Ardery

Edith S. Bingham

Diane Bailey-Boulet

Kevin and Mera Cossey Corlett

Blake Counsell

Rosie Felfle

David and Lucille Fannin

Donald and Linda Finney

Kevin Gibson

Alan and Joan Gould

Culver and Lourdes Halliday

Ron and Angela Harris

Shannon Harris

Paul and Alice Herrington

Lane Hettich

Jeff Koleba

Dot and Bill O'Brien

Paula Schoenhoff

Gordon Lamb and Diane Seaman

Elizabeth Cherry Siebert

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Margaret Fife Tanguay

Matt and Tina Jo Wallace

Jim and Marianne Welch

Treyton Oak Towers Resident Council

St. James Court Association


Alan and Kathy Attaway

Dr. Arthur T. and Nancy J. Blanford

O. Grant and Sylvia Bruton

Ashley Clark

James and Regina Farrell

Liam Felsen

Carmen Fullenlove

Allen and Alexis Harris

Paula Harshaw, in honor of Mera Corlett

Stephen Gault, in honor of my sister Jenny Marsh

Scott and JoAnn Haner

Theresa Hinton

Michael and Cynthia Kirkland

Katherine, Amy, and William Mapother,  Mapother Memorial Fund

David Mekus

Roberta Meyer, DVM, Fegenbush Lane Animal Clinic

Paragon Management Group

Kathleen Shiner

Stephen Ramsey Spanyer

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC


Emily Allen

Chuck and Sheelah Anderson

Maureen Bacon

Susan Bentley

Cecile A. Blau

Bob Brown

Susan Buchino, in honor of John and Kathie Buchino

Jonathon Clemens

Melissa Close

Kent Collard

Brian and Allysan Comstock

Glenn Crothers

Casey and Amy Eisenback

Patrick & Nicae Ervin

Deborah Feger

Liz and Larry Fentress

Julie and Clark Gable

Thomas Gerstle

Larry and Ricky Gettleman

Walter and Pat Hagens

Shannon Harris

Sandy and John Harrison

The Fireels

Robert L. Keisler

Greg and Emily Allen Kirby

Karen Long

Jessica Luetzow

Alan & Joyce MacDonald

Dr. Jules M. Marquart

Gary D McClellan and Associates

Emily Musterman and Andy Odorzynski

Bianca Pillarella

Chuck and Mary Ellen Schmidt

Ms. Cynthia Shain

Val Slayton

Larry Sloan

Jonathan Smith

Robert Steen

Beth Boesche and David Taylor

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Greg Tuck

Jim and Beverly Bartlett Turner

Jerry and Joanne Wallace

Skip White

Richard Wolford

Nancy & Tom Woodcock

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Catherine A. Zoeller

Jessica and Ziggy Zubric

Second Street Neighborhood Association


Jean Abshire

Garrett and Lane Adams

Ron and Svea Allgeier

Jerry Alter

Amy Attaway

Timothy and Pamela Baete

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Craig Bard

Susan Barry

Rita J. Bell

Stephen and Sharon Berger

Tess Bettler

Mark Blessinger

James Boland

Jack and Brenda Brammer

Barry and Alice Bridges

O. Grant and Sylvia Bruton

Louis Buchino, in honor of my parents Dr. John and Kathie Buchino, who enjoy the arts and contribute continuously to the Louisville community

Laura Calhoun

Cindy Carlson

Robert and Carol Carnighan

Amy Caswell

Lindsay Chamberlin

Judith Champion

Gilbert D. Cheatham

David and Candy Cherry

David R. Clark

Terrence Cody

Bruce Cohen

Darren Craig

Constance Csernik

Karleen Cox

Roger and Kathie Cude

Vicki Cullen

Vincent and Kathleen Decker

Ann and David Derrick

Rev. Patrick J. Dolan

Jack and Natalie Dorris

Jon Doukas

Angela and Doug Dowell, Sr.

Lynne Dowling

Laurie Duesing

Tawana Edwards

Dan Johnson & Tom Elkas

Stuart Ferguson

Constance Cooper Fobes

Turney Berry and Kendra Foster

Robert and Sarah Fox

Teresa Lorena Gamble

Pamela Getty

Lee Gibson

Merritt Gill

Richard and Ellen Goldwin

Erica and Sharon Goodman

Lynn Graham

Fay Greckel

Mark K. Greer

Barb and Ed Haines

John and Kitty Hamilton

Mary Ellen Harned

Peggy and Stanley Henderson

Dawn Hershberger

Karen and Ed Hill

Gary & Sharon Hinkle

Thaddeus Hoover

Thomas and Patrice Huckaby

Jon Huffman and Barb Cullen

Claire Denoux

Richard and Ellen Goldwin

Barbara Jarvis

Dan Johnson & Tom Elkas

David & Barbara Myerson Katz

Dick and Gail Kaukas

Robert L. Keisler

Scott Ketterer and Emily Nesselrotte

Leslie, Pat & Emmett King

Kevin V. Kinsella

Philip and Marilyn Kohl

Phil Kollin

Michael and Jeanne Kovatch

Ericka Kreutz

Anna Kunzler and Bruce Scott

Mr. Peter Scott Lansing

Eve Lee

Mr. David Lipp

Denise Logsdon

Ron and Angela Long

Brad Luyster

Christy Mathis

Tim and Dair Mathistad

David K. and Cynthia Maupin

Gerald E. Maurice

James and Victoria Mayer

Tim and Misuzu McAlpine

Dave McCay

James and Lauren McDonald

Pamela McFarland

James and Elizabeth McKenzie

Richard McKnight

Leslie McNulty

Brian and Amy McWaters

Herbert and Barbara Melton

Marilyn Meredith

James Meyers

Mary Ann Miller

Dan Minton

Chic Mitchell

Dana Mulhauser, In celebration of the marriage of Amanda Gregory and Michael Fazio

Alfred and Lark Mull

William C. Nash

R.L. and C.R. Neumayer

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Karen Newman

Jessica Newman

Brandy and William Norton

Judith Olliges

Christine Payne

Christopher & Deborah Pinkerton

Charles and Carol Pye

Todd and Jeanne-Marie Rogers

Richard Sands

Curt and Beth Schuman

Rev. John A. Schwartzlose

David and Mary Sedlak

Andy Perry and John Sistarenik

Larry Sloan

Sally Phennicie

James & Elizabeth Rightmyer

Harold Rittner

Michael and Ellen Robertson

Marilyn Rodman

Kristin Routt

Kathie Sauer

John M. Schmidt

Gordon and Carolyn Seiffertt

Michelle Seiffertt

Claire Shadburne

Anna Huang Shrader

Jodi and Josephine Smiley

Brian Smith

Cathy Snell

Ellen E. Snell

Revs. Walter and Diane Snowa

Annie and Sam Sorsa

Joyce St. Clair and Matt Hargan

Bob and Mary Ann Stenger

Melody and Bruce Sterling

Dr. and Mrs. T. Bodley Stites

Philip J. Tamplin, Jr.

Ms. Bertha M. Timmel

Debbie and Tom Tinker

Dina Vuturo

Scott and Christine Wade

Ms. Heidi Walker

David & Shiela Wallace

Suzanne Warner

Candace Weber

Deborah and Paul Wesslund

Bronwyn Williams

Shawn and Kevin Williams

Tonya Windell

Julie Wrinn

Spear Carrier

Vicky Adkins

Patrick Alexander

John Amann

Michelle Amos

Kenneth G. Anderson

Francisco Lloveras and Marisol Franco

Anne Barnes

Pat Bates

Edith S. Bingham

Aline Blizard

Julie Borders

Sean Brady

Mike and Susan Brooks

Zachary Burrell

Joe Chiles

Carole Crites

Dona J. Crowe

Irwin & Carol Cutler

Zan Sawyer Dailey

Elizabeth A. Deck

J.W. and M.K. Dersch

Hallie Dizdarevic

Patricia G. Dolack

A B Castro Donahue

Jon Doukas

Kathy D. Drehmel

Larry and Angie Edwards

Laura Ellis

Janice Farley Vetter

Bret and Kathleen Feger

Tom and Karen Haswell Fenton

Kaleb Fischbach

Rose Flowers

Dane and Colleen Foxworthy

Jonese Franklin

Mildred Franks

Elizabeth Frey

Nancy Gall-Clayton

Tara Gardner

Meredith Gregg

Greg and Jenny Griebenow

Katherine Grindon

Barb and Ed Haines

John Hale

Wendy Hames

Lynn Ellen Haner

Chris & Patricia Haragan

Sandy Harned

Isaiah Hein

Patricia Hersey

Brian Hinds

Carolyn Humphrey

Mary Herd Jackson

Matt and Jill Kamer

Martha Kinman

Marcia Kirtland

Mary Korfhage

Karen Kramer and James Webb

R. Gwyn Lavin

Mr. W. David & Michelle Lenoir

Joan Lindop

Kim Litchfield

Zane Lockhart

Laura Lorson

Gregory and Abigail Maupin

Dana McMahan

Tony Milder

Gerald and Beverly Moore

Joseph and Dianne Morris

Megan Mraz

Elizabeth S. Mueller

Jeff Noble

Kirby and Maureen O'Bannon

Deanna O'Daniel

Barbara and Rick O'Daniel Munger

Paul and Linda Ohlmann

Eric Ott

Emily Pagorski

Kim Parish

Charles H. Park

Joy Penney

Stephen Peterson

Steven Pierce

Nancy Pollock

Louie and Meg Prestigiacomo

Rodney Reuter

Christine Riddle

Rochman Family

Jeanne-Marie Rogers

Peggy Rockstroh

Richard Sands

Jessica E. Schellenberger

Zenet K. Schissler

The Bard's Town

Christopher Skye

Larry Sloan

J.B. Spalding

Andrew Stairs

Anita Streeter

Mo Stucker

Mona Tailor

K.G. Taylor

Gracie Taylor

Dara Tiller

Rebecca Timberlake

Made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant from Peggy Tyson

Nancy Urbscheit

Christine Vaughan

Velma Vaughan

John & Jeannie Litterst Vezeau

Susan and David Vislisel

Lisa G. Vuturo

Erica Warren

Lillie Weber

Sam Weissrock

Carolyn Whalen

Jim and Claire Williams

Maxwell Williams

Richard and Rebecca Wood

Suzette Wright

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