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Stratford Legacy

Max G. Baumgardner, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider

Stratford Royalty

Thomas Gerstle

Walt and Pat Hagens

Scott and JoAnn Haner

Drs. Catherine Newton and Gordon Strauss

Charlie and Jenny Marsh

Rick and Becky Reed

Don Stevens and Libby Marbury

Vivian Ruth Sawyer

Mac and Jessica Thompson – White Clay

Stratford Nobility

Phillip and Teri Allen

Alan and Joan Gould

Nikki Lanier, Harper Slade, LLC

Tim and Dair Mathistad

Carol Pye

Jeremy Saunders, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider

Kerry and Kathleen Wang

Stratford Society

The 1300 Association

Charles and Sheelah Anderson

Alan and Kathy Attaway

Belgravia Court Association

Richard and Karen Berglund

Anya Bond-Beckley

Stephen and Sharon Berger

Edith S. Bingham

Randall Caldwell

Elizabeth A. Cherry

Brad Comer

Kevin and Mera Cossey Corlett

Ian and Emilee Crawford

Glenn Crothers and Tracy K’Meyer

Robert Dean, ZFX Inc.

David and Lucille Fannin

Rosalie Felfle

Jeff and Karen Filcik

Lea H. Fischbach

Jonese Franklin and Laura Ellis

Mildred Franks

Stephen C. Gault, in honor of Charlie and Jenny Marsh

Greg and Kim Greenwood

Shannon Harris and Joe Hufnagle

LaShondra Hood

The Jarboe Family

Gary and Maureen Kingry

Stephen Kubiatowski and Rebecca Seidel

Gordon Lamb and Diane Seaman

Paula O. Lockhart

Alan and Joyce MacDonald, in honor of Joseph Lord Tweedy Ardery

Kay Madrick

Sharon Mattingly

Charley Nold

Thomas and Beth Ording

Petruska Family

Brian Phillips and Sarah Yost

Javan Reed

Alexis Rich and Allen Harris

Steve and Lynne Rodeheffer

The J Smiley Family

Kenney and Cathy Snell

Lincoln and Laura Snyder

Robert and Silvana Steen

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Margaret Fife Tanguay

Sarah Yost and Brian Phillips

Jerry and Joanne Wallace

Brooke Zimmerman

Jessica and Ziggy Zubric


Mark Allen

Laura Beasley

Barbara Berman

Cornelia Bonnie

Meredith Brown

Jonathan and Rebecca Cohen

Clarice A. Denoux

Turney P. Berry

Carl Friesen

John Spalding Gatton

Cheryl Peterson Guess

Sandra Harrison

Thaddeus Hoover

Tom James

Breck and Rhonda Jones

Jim and Jeanette Kays

Benjamin King

Todd Lowe, in honor of Amy’s good work!

Phil and Susan Lynch

Mapother Family Memorial Fund – Katherine, Amy, and William Mapother

Jules M. Marquart

Colette and Chris Mattingly

Cathy and David Mekus

Dan Minton, in honor of Amy Attaway and Shakespeare with Veterans! We few, we happy few…

David and Katrina Moore

Hal and Julia Park

Tory Parker

Andy Perry and John Sistarenik

Sally Phennicie

Mitch and Cindee Rapp

Austin Read

Jane Austen Society Greater Louisville Region

The Robertson Family

Second Street Neighborhood Association

Kathleen Shiner

Ruth Simons

Jonathan Smith

Sally-Ann Greenfield and Bruce Smith

South Fourth Street Association

Melody and Bruce Sterling

Christina Stottman

Terry and Sue Strange

Jim and Marianne Welch

Frost Brown Todd LLC

Richard T. Wolford

Stephen and Coretta Wolford



Jen Adam

Dr. Garrett and Lane Adams

Emma Aprile and Andrew Rosenthal

Phillip Ardery Jr., in memory of Joe Ardery

Jim & Beverly Bartlett Turner

Dr. and Mrs. A.T. Blanford

Cecile Blau

Bill Bolte

Robert and Carol Carnighan

Kelly Clark

Terrence Cody

Jonathan and Rebecca Cohen

Kent Collard

Brian and Allysan Comstock

Jeff and Marjorie Conner

Agnes Cox

Shannon Craigo-Snell

Jim Crosetti and Mary Conner

Roger and Kathryn Cude

Heather DiEnno

Doug and Angela Dowell

Lynne Dowling

Angela and Richard Dworin

John David Dyche and Laura C. Harbolt

Casey and Amy Eisenback

Elizabeth Fairhead

Fifth Wheel Women’s Club

Mr. Greg Fischer and Dr. Alexandra Gerassimides

Mary Forsee

Leslie and Gregg Fowler

Heather French

Larry and Ricky Gettleman

Robbin and Steve Goodin

Lynn and Bob Graham

Ann C. Hall and Geoffrey C. Nelson

John Hamilton

Joseph and Shannon Hamilton

Patricia and Chris Haragan

Dr. Tom Harper

Carol Hartlage

Clare Hirn and David Henry

Thomas and Patrice Huckaby

Katherine M. Dittmeier Holm

Shirley Howard

Kyle Hoylman

Kerstin Jeffus

Alan and Sally Junkins

Kim and Ken Kern

Cynthia Kirkland

Georgette Kleier Hottois

Cynthia Knopp

Mary Korfhage

Gwyn Lavin

Jeff and Susan Layman

Eve Bohakel Lee

Jules Leskiv

Angela and Ron Long

Hal and Elizabeth McCoy, in memory of Joe Ardery

James and Lauren McDonald

Hope McKim

Karrie and Darren McKinnon

Laura Morton

Alfred and Lark Mull

Pat and Adele Murphy

Annie Myers and David Myers, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider

Jennifer Niemeyer

Andrew and Ashley Noland

Chip Nold and Cindy Read

Judy Olliges

Patrick Peak

Meg and Louie Prestigiacomo

George Ramser

Gil Reyes and Sean Donaldson

Brian and Denise Ross

The Ryley Family

Richard Sands

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Shain

Paula Sharpenstein

Erin Sigmund

Maureen Slaton

Diane and Walter Snowa

Annie and Sam Sorsa, in memory of Erica Wallace

Dr. Thomas J. Spech and David G. Jones

Phillip and Esther Tamplin

Barbie Tatman, in memory of Erica Wallace from Forever Friends

Beth Boesche-Taylor and David Taylor

David and Kim Taylor

Beverly and Alfred Tilmes

Lawrence Toebbe

Karl Truman

Emily Turner

Susan and David Vislisel

Beth and Don Wagner

Ross Walton

Sam Weissrock

Edyth Wheeler

Rory Whitaker

Leigh White

Kate Sanders and Paul Whiteley

Elaine and Jonathan Whitesides

Bronwyn Williams and Mary Brydon-Miller

Jim and Claire Williams

Karen Sue Wilson

Elaine and Barry Wise

Dennis Wiseman

Nicholas and Mary Wiss

Nancy & Tom Woodcock

Grace Wooding

Herb Zimmerman

Benjamin Zinninger


Anonymous (7)

Ann T Allen

Ron and Svea Allgeier

Pat and Bill Allison

Mark Amick and Allie Kerns

Tara Anderson

Sheila Ashley

Aztec Flooring

Maureen Bacon

Pamela and Timothy Baete

Howard and Kathy Bain, in honor of Colin Brandt

Kate Ballowe

Nancy Beasley

Rita Bell Sue and Kim Bentley-Jonason

Laurie and Barret Birnsteel, in memory of Joe Ardery

Julie Boatright and Todd Turner

James Boland

Whitney and Hank Boles

Jack and Brenda Brammer

Brandeis School of Law, in memory of Joe Ardery

Mattie and Bob Brown

Kenneth and Laura Calhoun

Kristy Calman

Phyllis Carling

Larry Cashen

Judith Champion

Lynn E Chapple

Gilbert D. Cheatham

David and Candy Cherry, dedicated to Walter R. Mack Jr. and Norbert Mack

David R. Clark

Clarice Connelly

Coleen Costar

Christopher Cox

Michael and Constance Csernik

Irwin & Carol Cutler

Judith Danovitch and Nick Noles

Robert Darst

Pat Davidson

The Davis Family, in memory of Joe Ardery

Carolyn Dean

The DeLaney family

Ann and David Derrick

Sean Donaldson

Jon A. Doukas

Donna Downs

Melissa and Ken Draut

Laurie Duesing

Jordan Dye

Bev and Woody Edwards

Katie Edwards

Larry and Angie Edwards

Sam and Jill Ellington

Jacob and Susan Ems

Kristin Ems

Bret and Kathy Feger

Deborah R. Feger

Sherry M. & Joseph W. Feldpausch

Tom and Karen Haswell Fenton

The Fireels, Rachel Firkins and Alicia Fireel

Josh Fischer

Terese Fister

Phil and Linda Fitzgerald

Phyllis Fitzgerald

Carmen Fullenlove

Teresa Fultz

Nancy Gall-Clayton

Geeta Ganesh

Tony and Laura Garrett

Anthony Gerstner

Tina and Lee Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Giesel, in memory of Joe Ardery

Allen and Brenda Gilbert

Keiren Gillum Jan Gonder

Valerie Gordon

Chris and Tina Graney

Meredith Gregg

Kate Grindon

Pam and Tim Hackett

Atticus Haden

Hagan Family

Barbara and Ed Haines

Lynn Ellen Haner, in honor of JoAnn Haner

John Hanson

Leslie Harbold

Tiffanye Hawes

Linda and Bill Hayes

Randy and Frances Hays

Richard Head

Stanley and Peggy Henderson

Dawn and Dennis Hershberger

William and Sharon Higgins

Jessica Hildebrand

Amy and Daniel Hill

Gary & Sharon Hinkle

The Holland Family

Thomas and Patrice Huckaby

Mark Huffine

Will Hollis

Allison Imber

Catherine Gaglio Inge

David Jackman

Dan Johnson & Tom Elkas

Fred and Laura Johnson

Hugh Jones

Matt and Jill Kamer

Erin Keane and Drew Zipp

Scott and Ashley Huke Ketterer

Matthew Kinney

Todd Kleber

The Knapp Family, in memory of Joe Ardery

Ray and Yvonne Knight

Philip and Marilyn Kohl

Michael and Jeanne Kovatch

Ericka Kreutz

Anna Kunzler

Peter Lansing

Lana Lindsey and Ron Brown

Steven and Judy Lippman

Danny and Anita Maupin

David and Cindy Maupin

Tamara Mazzoccoli

Jim McCabe

Vivian McAdams, in honor of Brian McAdams

Dave McCay

The Linus and Cossett McClendon Foundation

Erin McCorkle

Patty and Kevin McDowell

Keith McGill

Carol and Will McGinnis

Kelley McIntyre and David Dillard, in honor of Mildred Blandford

Robert and Grace McKeel

Richard and Tanya McKnight

Marilyn Meredith

Creighton Mershon, Dottie Mae Mershon, Jessi Arrington

Lucas Meyer

Richard and Valerie Meyer

Mary Ann Miller

Robert H. Miller

Robert Mitchell

Joe, Dianne, and Michaela Morris, in honor of Kentucky Shakespeare summer camps

Dave Murk

William Nash R.L. and C.R. Neumayer

Lan and Dustin Nguyen-Colgate

Kirby and Maureen O’Bannon

Corey O’Brien

Alex and Joe Ottaviano

Linda and Bruce Otto

Melissa Parocai

Adam Parrish

Jerome and Melissa Pascua

Jennifer Payton

Stuart Perelmuter and Elizabeth Sawyer

Marguerite Pfaff

Bethany Planton

Allan and Nancy Pollock

Ann Price and John Davis, in memory of Joe Ardery

Ann Ramser

Corey Richter

Cynthia and Ronald Rigby

The Rightmyer Family

Karen and John Rippy

Cathy Robertson

Devina Robles

Jeanne-Marie and Todd Rogers

Thomas Roma

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rounsavall III

Rhiannon Ryan

Peter Saba

Sant Family, in memory of Barb Cullen

Lisa Schmid and Jimmy Soto

Curt and Beth Schuman

Amanda Seaton

Gordon and Carolyn Seiffertt

Michelle Seiffertt

Michael Shell

Robb and Anna Shrader

Brian Smith

Melanie Smith

Mary Jo and Gray Smith

Stephen Ramsey Spanyer

Sara Stalkus

Vashti Standridge

Mind’s Eye Theatre Company

Bob and Mary Ann Stenger

Kathryn Stewart, in honor of Dani Stewart

Duncan, Colleen, and Mike Strauss, in honor of Gordon Strauss

Leslie Tate

Debbie and Tom Tinker

Christopher and Mary Tolbert

Wayne and Brenda Tuckson

John and Shirley Uhl

UKAT Giving Fund

Liz Vasquez

Jeannie & John Vezeau

Mitch Voss

Dina Vuturo

Debra Walker

Bill and Alice Walsh

Charles Warms

Bonnie Waters

Margaret Weeks

Sam Weissrock

Jeremy and Amy Wells

Charles Whaley

Erin White

Skip White

Nick Wilkerson

Shawn and Kevin Williams

Deidre and Nickolas Winslow

Kevin Wood

Jessica Wortham

Robin Yacovetta

Helen Yezerets

Tammy Young

Jane Younger

David and Mary Beth Zickel

Marc and Ann Zakem

Barbara Zimmerman, in honor of Brooke Zimmerman


Anonymous (3)

Daniel Aaron

Christopher Abair

Bernard and Sara Abner

Lucas Abraham

Ann Adams

April Adams

Jill Adams

Rick Adams

Sewa Nathan Aholou

Danielle Akers

Jesse AlFord and Starr Peters

Emmet Allen

James Allen

Kyle Allen

Richard and Connie Allen

Eric Allgeier

Cynthia Allsmiller

Alice Alt

Carlyn & Bill Altman

Tara Anderson

Scott Anderson

Luis Andrade

David Andrews

Maya Angal

Kenny Arachikavitz

Drs. Lester Archer and Karen NG

Will Armstrong

Haley Ashworth

Albert Aszman

Michel Atlas

George Audisio

Julie Auter

Lani Avelar

Chandler Bagby

Mette Bahde

Breanna Baker

David Bannister Jr.

Kate Barry

Jim & Beverly Bartlett Turner

Garrett Bates

Olivia Beach

Laura Beasley and Lachlan Apple

Tyler Beavin

Katelyn Benkert

Patty Bennett

Gianna Bennett

David Bennett

Madeline Berry

Taylor Berry

Kate Biagi-Rickert

Sharon Binstok

Kelsey Birdwhistell

Alexandra Biscardi

Michael Blackwood

Dr. and Mrs. A.T. Blanford

Todd Blankenship

Adira Blumenthal

Cassie Boblitt

Jenny Bodenbender

Victoria Boggs

Catron Booker

Melinda Borie

Sarah Bosler

Melissa Bowen

Josh Bowling

Nolan Boyd

Lee Larson and Ruth Brackenbusch

Sean Brady

Laura Brawner

Mike and Susan Brooks

Holly Brown

Kevin Brown

Erin Bruker

John and Kati Brundage

Laurie Buchanan

Patricia Buck

Julie Buckham

David Buckley

Nancy Buechler

Erin Bukowski

Gregory Burbo

Megan Burnett

Brianna Burns

Elizabeth Buttes

Russell Byrd

Heather Cameron

Christine Campbell

Meghan Caplan

Maggie Carnes

Michael Carr

Carol Carrico

Josh Castlen

Amy Caswell

Deanna Catlett

Linda Cauble

Brittni Caudill

Jessica Caudill

Brigid Chamberain

Michael and Eden Chanley

Carol Chappell

Lynn E Chapple

Sarah Charmoli

Sam Childers

Melissa Chipman

Nick Chitwood

Larry Church

Sarah Clarkson

Lewis Clements

Carolyn Guido Clifford

Nicki Clifton

Laurie Clifton

Bruce Cohen

Katie Coleman

Lee Collins

Emma Collins

Steven Collins

Veronica Combs

Brad Comer

Ryane Conroy

Jon Cooper and Carol Challas

Rebekah Joy Cotton

James Crowley

Kimberly Crum

Daniel Curran

Tony Curtis

Bailey Czerkiewicz

Kerri Daly

Nancy Daneshmand

Annette Dangerfield

Lisa Davenport Potts

Ashlynn Davis

Frederick Davis, in memory of Joe Ardery

Marjorie Davis

Susan H. Dawson

Diana Dearing

Vincent and Kathleen Decker

Mary-Eileen Deely

Michael and Brittany DeForest

Easton Depp

Laci DeRossett

Justin Deweese

Jennifer Simone Diamond

Kathleen Dick

Lauren Dickey

Emily Donovan

Kevin Dorn

Leonore Doyle

Lorna Dries

Michael J. Drury & Lane Stumler

Laura Lea Duckworth

Olivia Duff

Shawn Dugdale

Beth Dunn

Caleb and Brittany Dunning

Rachel Duvall

Scot and Juli Duvall

Catherine and Brian Easley

Jared Eaton

Andrew Eckert

Maureen Eckler

Amanda Eddleman

Mark Edelen

Jenny Edlin

Katie Edwards

Ward and Carolyn Edwards

Eileen Eigelbach

Michelle Elisburg

Hannah Elliott

Jacob and Susan Ems

Kristin Ems

Emily Engelking

Joshua Eye

Enzo Fortuny Viacava

Susan Essing-Spiller

Chris Eyers

Stevie Farmer

Tamela Faulkner

Tom and Karen Haswell Fenton

Sarah Ferguson and Mark Klein

Thomas Filiatreau

Andrew Fillebrown

James Finklea

Ashley Finn

Ginny First

Josh Fischer

Shawn Fischer

Garry Fisher

Patrick Fitzgerald

Marvin and Anita Fleischmann

Ian Flora

Jessica Florey

Connie Fondong

Jennifer Ford

Mary Forsee

Erin Fortney

Leslie and Gregg Fowler

Amber Fox-Young

Eliza Frazier

Carrie Frazier

Ashley Freeman

Max Freiberger

Heather French

Elizabeth Frey

Jennifer Fulkerson

Carmen Fullenlove

Dianna and Ryan Gabbard

Clark and Julie Gable

Linda A. Gaines

Kelly Gannott

Elizabeth Garapic

Tara Gardner

Olivia, Robert, and Jacqueline Garlt

Jenni Garmon

Laurence and Robin Garrison

Hannah Garrity

Robbie Gay

Heather Gentry

Savannah Givan

Stacey Goldstein

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Goldwin

Shannon Goodpaster

Valerie Gordon

Thomas Gorman

Cassady Gorrell

Ethan Gotcher

Christine Grass

Nicole Gray

Fay Greckel

Stephanie Green

Meredith Gregg

David Grieshaber

Tara Grieshop

Cheri Grinnell

Paul Grisanti

Tessa Grissom

Robin Gronovius

Michelle Gross

Carroll D. Grossman

John Guthrie, in honor of @gjmaupin and @broccoliserbaby

Dani Haas

Stephanie Hall

Lynn Hampton

Nancy Hancock

Kari Haney

Colin Hanna

Amy Harlan

Mike and Sarah Harlan

Marcia Harlow

Sandy Harned

Frederic and MaryEllen Harned

Michael Harper

Kelly Harris

Grant Hart

Chris Hartman

Natalie Hartman

John Hatten

Jane Hayes

Randy Hays

Marty Hayse

Brenda Henry

Karina Henson

Jane Hermes

Tabitha Hernandez

Daniel Herring, in honor of Amy Attaway

Shawn Herron

Dawn and Dennis Hershberger

Patricia Hersey

Sonia Hibbard

Debra Hickey

Anthony Hicks

Hannah Marie Hicks

Cathy Hicks

Cara Hicks

Justin Hicks

Rita Hight

Gaye Hill

Cathy Hinako

Caden Holbrook

Natalie Holley

Lorie Hollis

Alden Homrich

Amanda Hood

McKenna Horsley

Rose House

Jennifer Houser

Dawn Howard

Rachelle Howell

Julie and John Hromad

Nancy Hubbard

Jan Hubert

Thomas and Patrice Huckaby

Jon Huffman

Ruth Hufnagle

Carolyn Humphrey

Nicole Humphrey

Hannah Hunt

Monica Hunter

Ca Huntington

Amber Hussain

Johanna Hynes

Derek Inghram

Kevin Iverson

Lisa Jackson & William Betsill

Joy Jacobs-Lawson

Ben Jacoby

Jessica James

Deborah James

Cate Jarboe

Emma Jewett

Emma Johnson

Jessica Johnson

Brenda Johnson, in honor of my talented and wonderful daughter Holly Stone. When she was very young she fell in love with Shakespeare and the park. Her love of theater has continued to bloom and grow.

Pam Johnson

Abby Johnson

Michelle Tyree Johnson

Mary Jolly

Lara Jones

Morel Jones

Richard Jones

Michelle Kadikian

Kenny Karem

Anastasia Kaufmann

Matt and Heidi Keck

Marilyn Keith

Kelly Kelly

Tim Kelty

Krista Kemp

Francesca Kemper

Bethany Kennedy

Evan Kerr

Anton Khodakov

Anne Kille

Laurel King

Martha Kinman

Rachel Kinman

Jamie Kinsley

Hal Kipfer

Rita Kircher

Vince Kirchner

Rebecca Kirtland

Jonathan Kiviniemi

Todd Kleber

Keith Kleehammer

Joan Kofodimos

Donald Kolb

Kayla Kolinski

Dawn Koontz

Barry Kornstein

Patrick Koshewa

Patricia Kudla

Forrest S. Kuhn M.D.

Robert Kuhn

Anna Kunzler

Angeline Kurian

Johanna Kvam

Rebecca LaCourse

Mary Lambert

Amy and Matt Landon

Brett Landow

Patrick Lasseter

Tiffany LaVoie

Kim Layman

Jack Lee

Clark Lemon

Elaine Leslie

Levinson-Wallen family

Susan Lewellyn

Kara Lewis

Sharon Lillie

Patrick Lin

Hank Lingle

Joseph Link

Kelly Livingston

Teri Lloyd and Bill Gilliss

Meg Lochner

Lexi Locke

Zane Lockhart

Patrick Logan

Linda Long

Michelle Lori

Deborah Loveall

Carla and Heather Lowery

Sandra Lucas

Claire Lukacs

Abigail Lutz

Patrick Lyles

Jonathan Lynn and Kelsey Eilers

Lauren Madden

Anamaria Mahon

Judi Magder

Ryan Mammina

Sandeep Mangireddygari

Lori Mangum

Kaya Manizade

Romina Mariani

Steve Marks

Karen Marks

Ashley Marlin

Michael Marple

Connie Marrett

Leilani Martin

Maggie Martinez

Elise Martino

Stephen Maslink

Ally Mason

Heather Mattingly

Linda Mattingly

Kathleen and Mark Mattingly

Gerald E. Maurice

William Mayes

Tim and Misuzu McAlpine

Anne McArthur

Amy McClain

Keelie McClellan

Reed McCleskey

Jayne McClew

Jenna McCullough Oberholtzer

Pamela and Kenneth McFarland

Michael McGuire

Brenda McKean

Robert McKenna

Joseph McLain

Brian McLean

Susan McLoughlin

Katelyn McNamara

Hattie McQuitty

Talleri McRae

Rachel Meadors

Wendy Medley

Theresa Melhorn

Ellis Meredith

Christine Merritt

Jim Meyers

Alexa Miller

Brandon Miller

Bryan Miller

Cathryn Miller

Joseph Miller

Emily Miller

Megan Miller

Sandra Miller

Kenny Mills

Michael Mills

Penny Mills

Jeff Minton

Annika Monson

Josh Montgomery

Erin Moody

Matthew Mooser

Robert Moreland

John Moreman

Joanna Morse

Laura Morton

Jill Morzillo

Suzanne Mowery

Megg Mullarkey

Joyce Murphy

Debra Mykkanen

Celeste Nall

Beth Nally

Judy Naylor

Anna Neikirk

William Neutz

John Newman

Bethanie Nice

Fabien Niedermeier

Jennifer Niemeyer

Nancy Nikfarjam

Lynnette Noblitt

Jonathan and Maggie Noffke

Adina Nolan

Agnes and Patrick Noonan

Rebecca Noonan

Samuel North

Tenille Novinger

Betty Nunn

James O’Bannon

Teri O’Bryan

Deanna O’Daniel

Barbara and Rick O’Daniel Munger

Kathleen O’Hearn-O’Bryan

Frances M. Oakley

Carl Oilmann

Andrea Olinger

Emily O’Mara

Matthew Orr

Sanida Palavra

Jerome and Melissa Pascua

Katherine Patterson

Janet Patterson

Aaron Patterson

Michael Payne

Patrick Peak

Amy Pedigo

Patricia Peet

Jeffrey Pellman

Amy Peloff

Jennifer Pennington

Mackenzie Pennington

Daryl Pepper

Jacob Percy

Anne Perryman

Madeline Peterson

Tammy Pettit

Troy Petrie

Mary Pettit and David Scott

Lexi Pfeiffer

Jacob Phelps

Emanuel Philpott

Samantha Pierce

Samantha Pillersdorf

Christopher Pinkerton

Travis Plamp

Stacy Plotts

Adam Pohlman

Karen Pollock

Tate Poole

Ashley Presthus

Meg and Louie Prestigiacomo

Sarah Price

Anne Rademaker

Jessica Rainwater

Ramapriya Rangaraju

Rachel Raphael

Jack Raque

Travis Ray

R Jonathan Raymon

Stacey Reid

Elizabeth Reinhart

Chad Reischl

Alyssa Renner

John Renner

Kim Ricca

Cary Rice

Karen Richardson

Ron Richardson

James Richie

Chris Riehl

Renee Rigenhagen and Martin Monson

Gary Riggs

Ashley Riley

Ian Rios

Amy Ritchie

Jyl Robbins

Will Roberts

Scott Roberts

Lorri Roberts

Andrew Robertson

Ursula Robertson-Moore

Amber Robinson

Cindy Robinson

Rebecca Robison

Wendy Rockett

Peggy and Mark Rockstroh

Michael Rohner

Ashley Roller

The Romig Family

Kim Root

Marty Rosen

William Rosenbaum

Mary Rotella

Kristin Routt

Denis and Cathy Roux

Diane Rowley

Diane Rowley

Andrea Rudibaugh

Elizabeth Ruwe and Keane Gleeson

Sara Salmon

Phil Samuel

Susan Sanchez

Vernon Sandell

Mary Sanders

Sophia Whitman Sandmeyer

Consuelo Santillan

Kathie Sauer

Lia Saunders

Carol Savkovich

Aaron Schexneider

Melissa Schmitt

Mary Schuble

Christie Schuessler

Allen Schuler

Lynzie Schulte

Olivia Schuman

Donna Schuster

Alexander Schwennicke

James Scott

Chris Scott

Gabrielle See

Christon Segal

Greg and Robyn Sekula

Amy Semones

William Sewell

Heather Shaffer

Corey Shapiro

Ellen Sherby

Kathryn Shirley

Erica Shuler

Griffin Siebert

Eric Siegelstein

Kyla Sikorski

Jessica Singleton

Mark and Patricia Sinkhorn

Amy Smalley

Hannah Smiley

Jonathan and Jennifer Smillie

David Smith

Melanie Smith

Jennifer Smith

Dan Moyers and Sarah Smith

Lorrie Smith-Esterle

Diane and Walter Snowa

Laura Shine Snyder

Ben Sohl

Lucy Solomon

James Spalding

Danielle Spalenka

Stephen Ramsey Spanyer

Mary Margaret Sparks

Jamie Sparks

Kelly Spears

Savannah Speed

Sheila Spencer

Kimberly Springmier

Julia Springsteen

Donald Stanley

Jen Starr

JC States

Elizabeth Stearman

Karolyn Steffens

Amy Steiger

Janet Stemmer

John Stemmer

Jennifer Stephens

Timothy Stevenson

David Stewart

Sammy Stills

Michelle Stillwagon

Anna Stone

Stove Stovall

Victoria Strange, in honor of Emily and Karina Strange, both wonderful actresses!

Erica and Matt Strauss

Amanda Sturges

Tommy Sullivan

Ethan Sutherland

Hannah Suter

Henry Sutton

Mary H. Tabler, in memory of Joe Ardery

Monalisa Tailor

Elijah Talcott

Arun Talegaonkar

Leslie Tate

David Taylor

Stephanie Taylor

Shawn Terry

Katherine Thackeray

Tanner Thieneman

Jessamy Thomison

Mari Lynn Thompson

Shandi Thompson

Mary Jean Timmel

Ellen Miller Timmons

James and Maria Tinnell

Kelli Tolleson

Maddie Tong

Rebecca Ballantine Toop

Lacey Lianne Trautwein

Li Anne Tseu Duffy

Deanna Tucker

Monica and Malcolm Turner

Jordan Turpin

Teresa Tweed

Semir Udovcic

Keli Ulferts

Laura Valentine

Betty Vance

Jonathan and Rocky Vanderford

Lance Vaneps

Larry and Rebecca VanMeter

Caitlin Vanover

Sergio Vega

Karin Vihlidal

Margaret Vinsel

Carrie Vittitoe

Judith Vittitow

Kaitlyn Voet

Katherine Vollmer-Prince

Lisa G. Vuturo

Brian Walker

Janice Walter

Thomas Walter & Connie Kay Coin

Katie Wambaugh

Raymond Wampler

Erica Ward

Suzanne Warner

Ariel Washington

Ariel Waters

Dane Waters

Jennifer Watkins

Sarah Weir

Joe Weisenberger

Cynthia Welch

Niles Welch and Ann Waterman

Kimberly Werst

Deborah and Paul Wesslund

Leslie and Jim Whelan

Don Whitaker

Kathryn Whitaker

Skip White

Mark White

Steven Whoberry

Lisa Wice

Michael Widerschein

Eric and Eirika Wiete

Leah and Ray Wilding

Kelly Wilkinson

Kathy Williams, for Kenneth R. Crawford, who loved Shakespeare in the Park

Teresa Willis, in honor of all my friends at Ky Shakespeare – thanks for the great art!

Crystian Wiltshire

Jake and Mary Marcia Winfrey

Nicholas W. Wise

Sam Withey

Jodi Wojcik

Andi Wood

Trish Woods

Sean Woods

MJ Woody

Riley Wooldridge

Laquita Wornor

Lauren Worthy

Catherine Worrall

Amy Wright

Bradley Wright

Hillary Wright-Kaufman

Haley Wright

Jeff Wydick

Barbra Wysoske

Lawrence Young

Taylor Young

Judith and John Youngblood

Marc and Ann Zakem

Cori Zaring

Richard Zellars

Alex Zellers

Hannah Zimmerman and Benjamin Self, in honor of Kyle and Megan Ware

About the Stratford Society

Long-time Kentucky Shakespeare board member, Gordon Strauss, founded the Stratford Society in 2007, naming it after Stratford-Upon-Avon – the market town and civil parish in South Warwickshire, England, where William Shakespeare was born. The Stratford Society is open to supporters who donate a gift of at least $1,564, in honor of the year Shakespeare was born. Stratford Society members serve as key community ambassadors for Kentucky Shakespeare. As a member, you will enjoy exclusive rehearsal previews, premieres, receptions, special events plus opportunities for exclusive theatre and theatre-themed travel.

You may join contacting Producing Artistic Director Matt Wallace, donating online, or calling us at 502.574.9900.