Thank you to our 2019-2020 season individual donors!

Stratford Royalty

Phillip and Teri Allen

Max G. Baumgardner, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider

Don Stevens and Libby Marbury

Charlie and Jenny Marsh

Vivian Ruth Sawyer and Thomas T. Noland, Jr.

Jeremy Saunders, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider

Mac and Jessica Thompson


Stratford Nobility

Thomas Gerstle

Scott and JoAnn Haner

Drs. Gordon Strauss and Catherine Newton

Tallgrass Farm Foundation

Kerry and Kathleen Wang



Charles and Sheelah Anderson

Joe and Anne Ardery, made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant

Edith S. Bingham

Diane Bailey-Boulet

Anya Bond-Beckley

Kevin and Mera Cossey Corlett

Blake and Whitney Counsell

Colleen Devlin and Gary Barrigar

David and Lucille Fannin

Rosie Felfle

Liam Felsen

Donald and Linda Finney

Lea H. Fischbach

Kevin Gibson

Alan and Joan Gould

Culver and Lourdes Halliday

Shannon Harris

Paul and Alice Herrington

Lane Hettich

Kay Madrick Howard

Jeffrey Koleba

Stephen Kubiatowski and Rebecca Seidel

Matthew and Regan Nichols

Thomas and Beth Ording

Rick and Becky Reed

Elizabeth Cherry Siebert

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Margaret Tanguay

Karl Truman

Matt and Tina Jo Wallace

Brooke Zimmerman

Jessica and Ziggy Zubric



The 1300 Association

Anonymous (4)

Anonymous, in support of Shakespeare with Veterans

Alan and Kathy Attaway

Belgravia Court Association

Mr. and Mrs. Turney B. Berry

O. Grant and Sylvia Bruton

William F. Burbank

Rachel Carter

Jean and Jasper Christensen

Catherine and Brian Easley, on behalf of Druther’s Systems, Inc.

Lindsay Fouts

The Garvin Gate Association

Stephen C. Gault, in honor of Jenny Marsh

Lynn and Bob Graham

Sally-Ann Greenfield and Bruce Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory H. Greenwood

Thaddeus Hoover

South Fourth Street Association

Phil and Susan Lynch

Mapother Family Memorial Fund – Katherine, Amy, and William Mapother

The Mekus Family

Bill and Dorothy O’Brien

Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC, made possible through a Fund for the Arts Partnership Grant

Kathleen Shiner

Ruth Simons

Betty L. Smith

Third Street Neighborhood Association

Jerry and Joanne Wallace

Diane and Jeff Watts-Roy

Jim and Marianne Welch


Anonymous (3)

Laura Beasley and Lachlan Apple

Emma Aprile and Andrew Rosenthal

Kit Fullenlove Barry

Stephen and Sharon Berger

Dr. Arthur Thomas and Ms. Nancy Jane Blanford

Cecile A. Blau

Mark Blessinger

Mattie and Bob Brown

Bill Bolte

Meredith Brown

David and Candy Cherry, in honor of my father, Walter Mack and my brother Norb

Terrence Cody

R. Kent Collard

Glenn Crothers and Tracy K’Meyer

Roger and Kathie Cude

Clarice A. Denoux

Hallie and Emir Dizdarevic

The Emke Family Fund, in honor of Susan Barry for 10 effective years of service and nurturing for the Community Foundation of Louisville

Bonny Evans and Anthony Smith, in memory of Dr. Roland Richmond

Deborah Feger

Lana Kelly-Fitzgerald and Michael Fitzgerald

Leslie and Gregg Fowler

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gettleman

Tina and Lee Gibson

Walt and Pat Hagens

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Harper

John and Kitty Hamilton

Sherry Hayes, in memory of Roland Richmond, aka Doc or Rich

Peggy and Stanley Henderson

David Henry

Thomas Huckaby

The Jarboe Family

Alan Junkins

Michael and Cynthia Kirkland

Phil Kollin and Brooke Heiser

Jessica Hildebrand

The Jarboe Family

Mary Julia and Forrest Kuhn

R. Gwyn Lavin

Leigh LaViolette

Karen Long

Alan & Joyce MacDonald

Kathryn Matheny, in memory of Dr. Roland Richmond

James and Lauren McDonald

Tim and Dair Mathistad

John McClendon

Robert and Grace McKeel

James V. and Elizabeth McKenzie Family

Christine Mellen

Dan Minton

Andrew and Ashley Noland

Judith Olliges

Alex and Joe Ottaviano

Sally Phennicie

Bianca Pillarella

Louie and Meg Prestigiacomo

Carol & Charlie Pye

Dr. Roland Richmond

Ed Rosenberg

Brian and Denise Ross

Thomas Ryley

David Schofield

Curt and Beth Schuman

Michelle Seiffertt

Val Slayton and Melanie Knight

Jodi Smiley

Jonathan Smith

Kenney and Cathy Snell

Diane and Walter Snowa

Dr. Thomas J. Spech

Sarah Stalkus

Rebecca Steele

Robert Steen

Doug Stegner

Jim and Beverly Bartlett Turner

Anne Wallis

Sam Weissrock

Mary Jo and Mike Whelan

Rory Whitaker

Bronwyn Williams

Mr. and Mrs. P. Barry Wise

Richard T. Wolford

Nancy and Tom Woodcock




Anonymous (14)

David and Anne Abate

Patrick Alexander

Ron and Svea Allgeier

Maureen Bacon

Pamela Baete

Ekaterina Balaban

Paul and Janice Beatty

Rita J. Bell

Barbara Bibb

Arthur Thomas Blanford

Brittany Blau, for Bekki Jo, for Dudley, for Max B., for Henry Faurest

Julie Boatright and Todd Turner

Danny and Judy Boggs

Whitney Boles

The Bone Family

Jack and Brenda Brammer

Kelly and Logan Brougher

Richard Brown

Jerry and Linda Bruckheimer

Timothy and Jane Martin Buckley

John and Kati Brundage

Katie Campbell

Robert and Carol Carnighan

J. Larry Cashen and Susan Turner

Liam Chamberlin

Judith Champion

Gilbert D. Cheatham

Jonathan Cherry

Doug Churchman

David Clark

Jeff and Marjorie Conner

Amy Crosser

Glenn Crothers and Tracy K’Meyer

Robert Darst

Lawrence R. Davis

Nelson and Susan Dawson

Vincent and Kathleen Decker

Ann and David Derrick

Denny and Jennifer Dillman

Fr. Patrick Dolan

Angela Doyle

Jon Doukas

Dr. Susan Jackson-Dowd and Scott Dowd

Angela and Doug Dowell

Angela and Richard Dworin

Paul Dykes, in memory of Dr. Roland Richmond

Larry and Angie Edwards

Uwe and Kathy Eickmann

Casey and Amy Eisenback

Jill Ellington

Nicole Ervin

Elizabeth Fairhead

Charlotte Fawcett

Tom and Karen Haswell Fenton

Miranda Filamini

Jeff & Karen Filcik

Freida S. Freeman, in memory of Roland W. Richmond, MD

Mary Jo Freeman

Michael and Heather French

Amanda Fuller

Linda Gaines and Robert Lutz

Nancy Gall-Clayton

Teresa Gamble

Steven L. Gardiner

Robert and Carla Givens, Dedicated to MSgt(Ret) Roy Givens Jr USAF

John and Jiniece Goodman, in memory of Dr. Roland Richmond

Katherine Grindon

Barb and Ed Haines

Stephanie Hall

Bill and Nancy Hanna

Chris and Patricia Haragan

Joyce St. Clair and Matt Hargan

Mary Ellen and Rick Harned

Paula Harshaw

Carol Hartlage

John and Jane Heffley

Angela Henderson

Dawn and Dennis Hershberger

Gary & Sharon Hinkle

Meg and Bob Hoelter

Dan Johnson and Tom Elkas

Fred and Laura Johnson

Paul Johnson

Breck and Rhonda Jones

Alan Junkins

Matt and Jill Kamer

Robin Kaukas

Erin Keane and Drew Zipp

Lana Kelly-Fitzgerald

Elizabeth Keisling

Kelly’s Filmworks

Jeff Kennedy

Ronald and Janet Ketterer

Scott Ketterer and Ashley Huke-Kettere

Gary M. Keys

Leslie, Pat & Emmett King

Keith Kleehammer

Ray and Yvonne Knight

Phillip and Marilyn Kohl

Katharina Jacob and Martin Krauss

Anna Kunzler

Dwight Kyle and Cindy Silletto

Peter Lansing

R. Gwyn Lavin

Eve Lee

Joseph Link

Angela and Ron Long

Sandra Lucas

Ashley Mahan

Mike Maroney, dedicated to Eirika Vick

Sharon Mattingly

Danny and Anita Maupin

Gregory and Abigail Maupin

Tim and Misuzu McAlpine

Garry McCandless

Kelley McIntyre

Karen & Paul McKinney

Richard McKnight

Brian McLean

Lawrence Miller

Robert Mitchell

Aaron Montgomery, dedicated to Donna Montgomery

Elizabeth S. Mueller

Alfred and Lark Mull

Chip Nold and Cindy Read

Jeffrey Noble

Brandy and William Norton

OCC Consulting

Bruce and Linda Otto, in honor of our granddaughter Luna and Jon Huffman

Hal and Julia Park

Jerome and Melissa Pascua

Sally Phennicie

Pine Grove Enterprises

Christopher Pinkerton

Second Street Neighborhood Association

Andy Perry and John Sistarenik

Meagan Ray

Stephen and Debra Renauer

Breanna Renner

The Rightmyer Family

John and Karen Rippy

Mike and Ellen Robertson

Neill Robertson

Paige Robinson

Alex Roma

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rounsavall III

Denis and Cathy Roux

Thomas Ryley

Richard Sands

Jim and Kathy Schell

Chris Schimmoeller and Joel Dufour

Gordon and Carolyn Seiffertt

Cynthia Shain

Peggy Shake

Jessica Sharpenstein

Paula Sharpenstein, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider

Rob and Anna Huang Shrader

Beth Spears

Thomas Spech, MD

Andrew Stairs

Vashti Stanridge

Ruby Star

Beth Stenburg

Bob and Mary Ann Stenger

Melody and Bruce Sterling

Elaine and Don Stern

Frank Stetkafste

Joe and Laura Sullivan

K. Grant and Carla Taylor

Tim and Ruth Taylor

Debbie and Tom Tinker, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider

Benjamin Vaughan

Jeannie & John Vezeau

Donald Vish

Dina Vuturo

David and Shiela Wallace

Bill and Alice Walsh

Ross Walton

Herb and Gayle Warren

Michael Weber

Margaret Weeks

Jeremy Wells

Charles Whaley

Elaine Whitesides

Jim and Claire Williams

Shawn and Kevin Williams

Selma Winner

Crystian Wiltshire

Tonya Windell

Selma Winner

Richard and Rebecca Wood

Robin Yacovetta

Herbert Zimmerman



Anonymous (7)
Dr. Garrett and Lane Adams
Alison Adams
Vicky Adkins
Shahand Alavian
Kenneth G. Anderson
Sandra Aspy
Amy Attaway
Amber Avant
David Ayres
Mary Banbridge
Susan Barry
Denise Bartholomew
Cathy Bean
Charles Beavers
Gail Benedict
Susan Bentley
Jayne Bishop
James Boland
Rachel Bolin
Robert and Arlene Booker
Kenneth Borum
Janet L. Boyd
Lee Larson and Ruth Brackenbusch
Ann Brian
Jennifer Brodfuehrer
Mike and Susan Brooks
Samuel Brown
Laurie Buchanan
Tim and Jane Buckley
Becky and Robert Burke
Megan Burnett
James and Lauren Russell Bushong
Kelly Caldwell
Laura Calhoun
Leah Campbell
Jennie Chiba
Sam Childers
Joe and Louise Chiles
Christofer Christensen
The Christys
David Christy
Bruce Cohen
Jason Compton
Betty Conklin
Clarice Connelly
Cassie Cordero
Christopher Couch
Robert Crady
Rick Cranna
Dona Crowe
Vicki Cullen
Anthony Curtis
Irwin & Carol Cutler
Lauren Dean
Diana Dearing
Elizabeth A. Deck
Mary Deely, on behalf of Brian Smith
Deanna Lundergan Deneen
Theodore Desanto
Will DeVary
A B Castro Donahue
Connie Dorval
Melissa Draut
Michael J. Drury & Lane Stumler
Andrew Eckert
Maureen Eckler, in honor of my son-in-law Fred Johnson
Beverly & David Edwards
Maris and Lawrence Elder
Sherry & Joseph Feldpausch
Phyllis Fitzgerald
Marvin Fleischman
Dan Forte and Chris Schuster
Robert and Sarah Fox
Jackie and David Frankel
Matthew French
G. Weldon Friesen
Kit Fullenlove Barry
Linda Gaines and Robert Lutz
Heather Gatnarek
Elyse Gaudi
Barbara Geiser
Heather Gentry
Tina and Lee Gibson
Jennifer Glaser
Ellen Glazier
Marina Gonzalez, in memory of Ronald Caudill
Fay Greckel
Ben Grimes
Stacy Grimm
Don and Mary Grover
Lynn Haner
Mary Hanseman
Teresa Hardesty
Sandy Harned
Kaitlin Harris
Linda and Bill Hayes
Jean Hemesath
Yeney Hernandez
Patricia O. Hersey
Helen Holifield
Deanna Hopper
William Howell
Nancy Hubbard
Mark A. Huffine
David Jackman
Heather Johnson, dedicated to My family enjoyed your FABULOUS performance
Brenda Johnson
Brittany Johnson
Erin Jones, In memory of Lawrence Feldkamp. He flew with a band of brothers & was one of two who came back
David & Barbara Myerson Katz
The Fireels, Rachel Firkins and Allie Keel
Maria Kelly
Jelani Kerr
Marcia Kirtland
Todd Kleber
Ray and Yvonne Knight
Leah Koshmrl
Michael and Jeanne Kovatch
Lydia A. Kowalski
Julie Kredens
Stephanie Lawson
Bernard Leeds
Ariana Levinson
Robert Lewis
Kim and Carl Litchfield
Rabbi Laura Metzger and Cantor David Lipp
Susan Liske
Zane Lockhart
Brittany Logsdon
Grant Lonie
Lynn Lukins
Judi Magder
Brian and Celia Manlove
Connie Marrett
Andrew Matthews
Pam McFarland
Mitchell McGill
Darren McKinnon
Leslie McNulty
Christopher Merrifield
Jim Meyers, dedicated to All U.S. Armed Forces Active duty and Veterans
Mary Ann Miller
Sophie and Catherine Minton, For our Grandpa and all of the others involved in Shakespeare with Veterans…we love you!
Sadik Ibn-mohammed
Beverly D. Moore
Bethany Morrill
Joe and Dianne Morris
Duane and Anne Murner
Joyce P. Murphy, in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider
William Nash
Argo Networks, Inc.
R.L. and C.R. Neumayer
Carrie Neumayer
Lan and Dustin Nguyen-Colgate
Maggie Noffke
Kirby and Maureen O’Bannon
Vincent O’Neil, In memory of LTC Charles H. Buehring, US Army Infantry and Special Forces, KIA Iraq 2003
Deanna ODaniel
Onoxis Consulting
Julia Parker
Teresita Pascua
The Pearsons
Alicia M. Pedreira
Joy and Michael Penny
Steven Pierce
Allan and Nancy Pollock
Karen Pollock
Eleanor Poynter
Kurt Rank
Jerry and Christine Ransdell
Taylor and Megan Ransdell
Mark and Leigh Ray
Jessica Reese
Alyssa Renner
Rodney Reuter, in honor of Retired Colonel Fred Johnson, friend, and former classmate
Gil Reyes
Michael and Barbara Reynolds
Todd and Jeanne-Marie Rogers
Michael Rohner
Alex Roma
Peggy Rockstroh
Matthew Ruben
Richard Sands
Kathie Sauer
Carol Savkovich
Mark and Zan Sawyer-Dailey
John M. Schmidt
Judy Schroeder
Allen Schuler
John Schuler
Donna Schuster
Rev. John A. Schwartzlose in memory of Bekki Jo Schneider
William Sewell
Claire Shadburne
Lauren Shemwell
Jennifer Simone Diamond Vocal Studio & Performance
Mark and Patricia Sinkhorn
Remy Sisk
Karen Smith
Brenda Smith
Brian Smith
Deborah B. Smith
Siena Smith
The Sorsa Family
James and Nan Spalding
Shane Spaulding and Jennifer Bielstein
Terry and Jane Spitznagel
Pamela and Elizabeth Steffan
Bob and Mary Ann Stenger
Hannah Stoppel
John Strano
Jane Sturgeon
Monalisa Tailor
Ms. Esther Tamplin
Kimberly Taylor
Thomas Taylor
Colin Tierney
Priscilla Tillett
David Tillman
Rebecca Timberlake
Bertha Timmel
Ellen Miller Timmons
James and Maria Tinnell
Monya Turner
Shirley and John Uhl
Nancy Urbscheit
Susan and David Vislisel
Lisa G. Vuturo
Shiela and David Wallace
Lillie Weber
Carolyn Whalen
Barbara Whitener
Eric Wiete and Eirika Vick
Judith Vittitow
Maxwell Williams
James and Susan Wilson
Jessica Wortham
Tyler Worthy
Ellen Yunker
Hannah Zimmerman
Sharri Zink

About the Stratford Society

Long-time Kentucky Shakespeare board member, Gordon Strauss, founded the Stratford Society in 2007, naming it after Stratford-Upon-Avon – the market town and civil parish in South Warwickshire, England, where William Shakespeare was born. The Stratford Society is open to supporters who donate a gift of at least $1,564, in honor of the year Shakespeare was born. Stratford Society members serve as key community ambassadors for Kentucky Shakespeare. As a member, you will enjoy exclusive rehearsal previews, premieres, receptions, special events plus opportunities for exclusive theatre and theatre-themed travel.

You may join contacting Producing Artistic Director Matt Wallace, donating online, or calling us at 502.574.9900.