Shakespeare Geek Facts

(Because we can't act footnotes.)

Kentucky Shakespeare 2017 Program Notes from Gregory Maupin, Dramaturg

Depending on your personal curiosities, here are a few profoundly nerdy things about these plays you might enjoy diving into. All ill-conceived opinions and gross overstatements are the responsibility of Gregory Maupin and do not reflect on the good sense of the entity that is Kentucky Shakespeare.

-Here’s one that applies to any of the plays, about a few handy words that come up all the time in Shakespeare:


-A couple of things it might be handy to know going in, though not as many as you’d think:

-This one notes ways in which Julius Caesar is sort of, I swear, like Wicked:

-On Gentle Portia and her – Ow! What IS that?!:

-A recent local article on Shakespeare, Caesar, politics, featuring some of the creative staff here at Kentucky Shakespeare:

-Who is this Atë character Antony is going on about?:

-And a useless but entertaining soundtrack for Julius Caesar:



-Ya can’t tell the players without a scorecard – a quick family tree:

-On Games of Kings, Thrones, Klingons and Orcs:

-On one of my favorite tricky lines in the show:

-What’s with all these gauntlets anyway? – Product Placement in Elizabethan Drama (a dumb quickie joke post, but still):

-Even Queens dread talking politics with strangers, or Why it’s good there was no medieval internet:

-And a useless but entertaining Wes Anderson soundtrack for Richard II:



-Some thoughts on connections between our production of Much Ado About Nothing and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice:

-Just who is this "infernal Atè in good apparel" Benedick is going on about?:

-And what's with all the jokes about horns and cuckolds in this show?:

-"Lead apes in hell?" What is Beatrice even talking about? Is that an actual thing?:

-A short Hero joke for which I apologize, but not a Hero short joke, which Shakespeare made enough of on his own:

-Much Ado and Macbeth have ALMOST nothing in common...:

-A few moments of Meta that snuck into this year's shows:

-And a useless but entertaining soundtrack for Much Ado About Nothing: