The Comedy of Errors opened the 2018 Kentucky Shakespeare Festival on May 31st!  With a week of performances left, The Comedy of Errors has already gotten a few reviews. Read them below:

“[A] great production for a company that has yet to produce a dud…  a Looney Tunes level of zaniness, which was as fun to watch as one imagines it must be to perform.”

– Insider Louisville, review by Eli Keel

“The Festival in Central Park is back for a great season. The entire cast brings their comedic A-game…comedic gold. If you think Shakespeare is stuffy and pretentious, this fun comedy at Central Park will correct that error in judgment.”

– Arts Louisville, review by Kate Barry

“Just sit back, relax, and let the comic therapy work its magic… everything hinges on great performances — which Director Matt Wallace elicits from a marvelous group of performers.”

– Leo Weekly, review by Marty Rosen

“[They] embrace the democratic nature of a city park open to everyone who comes and goes as they please… rich top-to-bottom talent in this company. The individual performances of all 14 actors stand out.”

– Shakespeareances, review by Eric Minton