“…from interpreting centuries-old jokes for new audiences, to creating unique music and choreography, the company didn’t waste a beat. … sounds like a collection of Appalachian folk classics carried by a multi-talented ensemble… …the music transformed this production into something memorable… highlighted the company’s chemistry and knack for comedy.” – Ashlie Stevens, WPFL


“…delightful production… the gender-bending romance is a fast-paced blast and you should make your way to Central Park lickety-split.” – Marty Rosen, LEO Weekly


“…imagination, reinvention, education, and dedication. All of these were on full display in the season opener… some of the best in the business… Ms. Dizdarevic handled it all with grace and eloquence… Mr. Bibelhauser’s songs were hummable and downright danceable adding a new dimension to a production that was already entertaining.” – Annette Skaggs, Arts-Louisville.com


“All the right pieces are in the right place… solid direction… The original music composed by Aaron Bibelhauser is catchy with tight harmonies… the singing — provided mostly by Neill Robertson — is excellent.” – Allie Keel, Insider Louisville