Shakespeare's R&J by Joe Calarco

Shakespeare's R&J by Joe Calarco

Directed by Matt Wallace

Event Details

Dates: January 27-February 5, 2022

Location: The Henry Clay, 604 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40202

Tickets: $25


Four young prep school students, tired of going through the usual drill of conjugating Latin and other tedious school routines, decide to vary their very governed lives. They discover a copy of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and they become swept away. The rigidity of their lives begins to parallel the lives of the characters in the play: roles in the family, roles in society, and the roles played by men and women soon seem to make all the sense in the world, and then, suddenly, they seem to make no sense at all.  Perceptions and understanding are turned upside-down as the words and meanings begin to hit home and truths emerge.

“Hot-blooded…Wrenching…[It] pulsates with an adolescent abandon and electricity of which Romeo himself might approve.”The New York Times

“R&J is a gem, the most inventive reimagining of a classic in years.” — Wall Street Journal

“A revelatory adaptation. One will never view the Shakespeare war horse without this production in the mind’s eye.” — USA Today

“This is one of the most electrifying adaptations of Shakespeare I have ever seen. When it comes to originality, sexiness, and daring, it is right up there with West Side Story.” —The Telegraph (London)

“A superb version that will open your eyes and ears to the piece as if you were experiencing it with unjaded wonder for the first time.” The Independent (London)

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