Kentucky Shakespeare is the largest in-school arts education organization in the Commonwealth, visiting 50,000 students each year.  Since 1990, Kentucky Shakespeare has made the works of Shakespeare accessible to over 1,000,000 K-12th grade students in all 120 counties of Kentucky and surrounding states.

Studies show that incorporating drama education across the curriculum increases social awareness, improves problem-solving skills and helps students make real-life connections.  Not every student learns the same, so our mission is to provide accessible drama education to all learners by tailoring our programs.  This allows Kentucky Shakespeare to maximize our educational outreach to students of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities.

We provide affordable, professional and educational programs to schools. Our programs are aligned with National Arts Standards, Kentucky Academic Standards, and Indiana Academic Standards and use associated study guides, on-demand writing prompts and other supplemental materials.

Camp Shakespeare fosters an appreciation for the words and works of William Shakespeare by providing  opportunities for children and young  adults aged 4 –18 to explore the theatre arts through imaginative play, visual arts, movement, storytelling, design, text analysis, and more!

Our philosophy is to immerse students in Shakespeare’s words and ideas, providing guidance and encouragement. Kentucky Shakespeare hopes that this unique camp experience will promote confidence, open up a new world of interests to your child and nurture a lifelong desire of learning.


For more information or to schedule one of our arts education programs contact:
Hannah Pruitt, Education Programs Manager
(502) 574-9900

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